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Designing or supporting a display that fits your application, and improves your product image is our specialty. We can help your product stand out from your competition.
At Youritech, 12 years of cultivatin in the industrial display field, leading technology, strong hardware and software R&D teams with experience and efficiency to provide customized desgin.
World Class Optics Youritech uses advanced imaging technology and a wide range of products to meetthe needs of a variety of product applications. As an indispensable display tool in society and life, it provides a strong support backing for customers to develop products. Industrial Touch Screen Expertise Products cover a wide range of fields, including: military, aviation, finance, security, medical, industrial control, education and so on. Complete product model (0.96-27 inch), application features to achieve ultra-thick glass (up to 20MM thick), waterproof (fresh water, salt water), gloves, active pen and so on. At the same time, the company strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system rules to ensure product quality. Experienced HDMI Engineering According to the different needs of customers, we can provide a variety of industrial panel matching products: LCD drive board, touch screen, high-brightness LCD, variousLCD special cables for industrial displays, industrial tablet computers, man-machineinterface and other device application. For display systems to be used in harsher environments complementary versions were released with higher spec components, physical modification and conformal coatings.
Guaranteed Efficiency and Industrial Grade Quality Automate production equipments to improve production efficiency and ensure productquality stability. Professional product testing equipments, industrial-grade reliability standards. Sunlight Readable Solution The transflective scrren has excellent reading performance in outdoor sunlight, the backlight brightness automatically adapts to the outdoor environment. How strong outdooor sunlight is, how strong the backlight (sunlight) reflected by the film is. It can be completely independent of extra backlighting equipment in the outdoor, so it has a lot of power saving in the outdoor than other screens, and the reading effects is much better. Flexible Customization, Seize Your Product Market Opportunity Youritech can provide intergrated display solutions according to customer requirements including the design of FPC, pin definition and driver, sunlight readable, untra high/low temperature, full viewing angle, etc. Youritech actively innovates and continuously applies advanced technology to product development and production, provides tailored overall solution according to changes in market and customers` application.
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